Dining is an experience, and while I have pondered that concept throughout my career, at no time have I given it as much thought as I have now.

As an industry we keep our struggles hidden under our aprons so as not to impede upon your meal, whether it’s under staffing, overcooking, missing deliveries, or missing orders. We do our best to preserve that venerated space at your table so that you can connect with each other, while we furiously work to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. We avoid discussing religion, politics, and finances as we try to create a neutral, accepting sanctuary in which you can unwind. It is no surprise then, that our guests cannot comprehend the decisions we have been forced to make within the past few months. These choices have been based on conflicting information regarding an unforeseeable future, and I have struggled to balance the safety of our guests and staff with the financial viability and experience of Metro Bis. Other restaurants have made choices different than my mine as they navigate their own paths. With a 21 year history in Simsbury and many more years to come, I am continuing to focus on both our legacy and our long term success.Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we make adaptations to ensure our future. Our takeout menu is offered with the hope of reaching a larger part of our community and provide comfort during a time of turmoil. As we pivot to a tempered, interior reopening we will place safety above all else, with additional modifications due to our restricted resources. I look forward to presenting a reimagined concept that still allows us to maintain our core goals of community, comfort, and connection, and I truly hope you will accept these changes with the compassion and understanding with which we have consistently tried to offer you.


A meal prepared with thought, love, and intent always offers comfort. It nourishes our bodies, our relationships, and, in turn, our souls. Throughout our lives, we bond with each other over countless meals as we honor each holiday, rite of passage, and transition. When we focus daily on the act of mindful eating, we exist in the present where we can appreciate and celebrate the intricacies of our interconnection, regardless of the circumstances.